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Jacko way Inn


* Meals on request
* Cable TV
* Internet WIFI in the rooms
* Breakfast corner 


 This Guest House is 20 minutes from Melville Hall Airport on the northeastern coast of Dominica. This region is the only place in Dominica where you will find beautiful white sand beaches. Nearby you will find two rivers and four beautiful beaches where swimming is safe.

The village of Calibishie is a small, lively fishing village on the edge of a beautiful white sand beach. The guest house is located in the heights of the village, a few minutes from local restaurants and grocery stores, It overlooks the lush forest and large banana plantations, and offers a beautiful view of the sea.


The newly constructed host house consists of a building with a spacious studios on the ground floor and another on the 1st floor. The rooms are very spacious and comfortable and are equipped with a large bed. They also have a sitting area, a shower room, and a breakfast area equipped with an electric oven, a kettle and a fridge. The rooms are equipped with cable television and internet access. Each room has its own private terrace. There is a barbecue area with a beautiful garden with tables, and chairs.

Red Rocks in Calibishie

Nomad Package

Discover Dominica with complete freedom!

Our nomad package lets you travel in comfort while giving you the total freedom you desire by letting you create a personalized itinerary at an affordable and fixed price! Choose amongst our specially chosen locations in order to plan your adventure and always have a beautiful Hotel or cottage near by, ready to welcome our travelers.

List of Nomad  Dominica Hotels

Nomad Hotels   of choice Rental Car

4 Days/ 3 Nights:   392 $/ Pers

7 Days/6 Nights:    668 $/ Pers

10 Days/9 Nights: 909 $/ Pers

Prices are based on 2 people.

Length of stay flexible.

Lower prices for 3 and 4 travelers