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The south west of Dominica is no doubt a must see region filled with an extensive variety of adventurous attractions. For shorter vacations of 3 or 4 days, we recommend you concentrate your time here in either the southern coast or the Roseau valley area. Within only a few miles you can discover Trafalgar Falls, swim up Titou Gorge, hike the famous Boiling Lake, relax in the natural sulfur spas, Kayak in the Fresh Water Lake, climb to Bori Lake, or snorkel at Champagne beach. Not to mention, the whale watching tours and the majority of Dominicas spectacular dive sites are located here. 


You don’t want to miss the capital city of Roseau. This small and unique Caribbean village, holds the highest population density on the entire island! But don’t be fooled, this busy little town still allows for beautiful walks and magnificent scenery all the way from the bay to the river. You’ll be sure to enjoy your time exploring Roseau as it's known for its creole architecture, outdoor market, and deep historical roots. The weekends here are especially popular. Stop by the Saturday market to find an array of local fruits and vegetables, such as provisions, fresh chocolate, breadfruit, and mangoes along with hand made crafts and ready made lunches. Dine in at one of the many local restaurants, cafes, or snack bars for a taste of Dominican or French caribbean cuisine. On a hot day, you’re sure to always find fresh squeezed juices and cold smoothies alongside every street corner. Just try not to forget that the stores close every day at 5 pm and are not open on Sunday’s so it’s best to get all of your souvenir shopping and food tasting done ahead of time! The beautiful cathedrals and churches are located high up on the hill  holding the architectural richness creating the cultural treasure that is Roseau.


The Boiling Lake

Dominica is home to the second largest boiling lake on the entire planet! You’ll find that the locals and visitors alike are extremely enthused and astonished by this natural attraction. The hike to the boiling lake is a must do on any adventurer’s bucket list, but we’re not kidding when we say that visiting the boiling lake is no walk in the park. On this hike you will be guided through prehistoric scenery, scrambling up, down, and around in the depths and ridges of the Morne Trois Pitons national park. Laudat is known for having the most rainfall in the entire Caribbean so bring a raincoat. The hike can be broken into three sections, each take a little over an hour. The first section will take you through the thick Jungle, up and down the wooden steps to your first stop, breakfast river. The second section of the hike starts with a vigorous uphill ascent alongside the mountain ridges before descending into the valley of desolation. You’ll be using ropes, and climbing down rocks and boulders to reach the strong sulphuric steam, fumaroles and mud boils coming from the earth. The trail can be slippery so be sure to bring good shoes. The final section of the hike will take you along the bluish grey boiling river, through the steam pockets and volcanic debris, and up to boiling lake. Pack a swimsuit because there are some secret little hot springs along the way!

Make sure you dont miss!

Roseau Valley

  • Trafalgar Falls Take a dip in the great twin falls. 

  • The Sulfur Hot Springs Visit Wotten Waven for natural relaxation. 

  • Ti-Tou Gorge Swim up a canyon for an exciting adventure.

  • Bori Lake Hike up the mountains and experience the eery lake hidden in the clouds.

  • Fresh Water Lake. Kayak your way through this prehistoric atmosphere in a volcano canyon 

  • The Boiling Lake Hike your way through a volcanic wasteland to witness this natural phenomenon.

Southern Point

  • Pointe Michel A local environment with many unique, small shops and resturants 

  • Champagne Beach Snorkle and see the bubbles from the sulfur springs.

The Boiling Lake and the Valley of Desolation

Champagne Beach and sulfur springs