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The east Coast of Dominica is a beautiful and exciting region with a lot to offer for adventurous travelers. This area is known for containing the thickest and wildest forests on the whole island. We recommend you spend at least 2 nights here during Island tours.

Towards the top of the small village of Delices, hidden in the forest, lies the trails to two breathtaking waterfalls, Victoria and River Jack. Victoria famous for its power and white water. The White River on its own is a must visit swim during your stay on the east coast. The water that supplies this river comes straight from the Boiling Lake filling the water with minerals, and turning the whole river a beautiful white color.

For another must see waterfall, visit La Plaine, home to Sari Sari Falls. Only a little farther and check out Bout Sabe and Rosalie with their amazing coastal views and black sand beaches. We would like to warn you, the waves and currents on this side of the Island are very unpredictable. If you are planning on swimming, please be careful and avoid going alone. 

The northeast coast of Castle Bruce contains the territory of the Kalinagos Indians. Originally hiding in the mountains from European colonization, the Kalinagos Trib of Dominica holds the majority of the only true original native descendants of the carribbean. Today, 3,500 Kalinago Indians, the first inhabitants of the islands, call this historical preservation home, with its modest housing and personal farms. The Caribbean territory is an essential stop when visiting Dominica!



Victoria Fall

The hike to this top favorite waterfall starts at the small charming guest house of Zion Valley, located at the edge of the White River. This river gets its name due to the white color of the mineral rich water it flows and is the river in which feeds into victoria falls. We do advise to not drink this water for the large amounts of minerals can upset your stomach. You will notice that the mineral content of the water not only gives a white appearance but also gives the waterfall a reddish color. The cliff walls and the rocks at its base are rusty in color due to its deposits. Throughout the hike you will be walking on and through the riverbed, so be sure to bring sufficient shoes as the stones can be pretty harsh for bare feet. The last fifteen minutes of the hike will take you up the gorges so be prepared to climb a few rocks. The hike should last an hour and a half round-trip ... but take the time to enjoy the falls and emerge yourself into pure nature. Upon your return, order a Zion Valley rasta meal and cocoa tea.

Make sure you dont miss!


  • The Caribbean Reserve for its link to a world that existed well before Christopher Columbus in 1492!

  • The natural staircase "Head Dog" which trails down to the sea and live its famous legend.

  • Model village of the older Kalinago lifestyle.


  • La Plaine and La Roche for their beautiful waterfalls: Sari Sari Falls and Victoria Falls

  • Mulatto Point for swimming in the White River.

  • Rosalie Beach

Victoria Fall

Nomad Hotels

Citrus Creek


 Zion Valley


The Carib Territory



Tête Chien Staircase

A sacred place since antiquity, this natural staircase 200 meters long comes out of the sea. According to legends, it was built by a giant snake.